Pursuit of Intentionality

A phrase has been floating around my head for a while.

Be intentional. 
Not because I am so wonderful and pious
but exactly the opposite.
This phrase was born out of a season of falling short.
I will confess:
my default mode is laziness.
I waste a lot of time.
I love to do stuff and make things and spend time with people
but I also love television,
thinking about making things {Pinterest}
and sleeping late.
In my mind
laziness is essentially the equivalent of a lack of thankfulness.
If I was truly – I mean really truly – thankful
wouldn’t I spend more time utilizing my gifts and resources?
Thankfully grace abounds. 
I know that Jesus is more concerned with
what I can learn from past mistakes
and how all do things differently in the future
than he is interested in chastising me for past failures.
That’s his nature.
That truth is both totally reassuring and absolutely humbling.
So as I go forth in a pursuit of intentionality
-in my work, in my relationships, in my hobbies-
I trust that this will be me on the path to becoming my best self.
And that’s what we’re all called to, right?
Not a second rate version of someone else
but the very best me that I can be.