The Banana Tree

“…Holding on to our memories help us become deeper individuals with a better sense of who we are and how we choose to live our lives.” — Ron Clark

This weekend I passed a yard sale in the subdivision next to mine. I’m on the market for an entryway table and from a distance I saw that they had some furniture, so I decided to stop. They didn’t have any tables but they did have a rolling bar cart that caught my eye as well as a banana tree. 

My dad,who passed away a few years ago, always had a huge garden. It was his pride and joy.One summer on our annual beach trip he bought a banana tree and brought it home in the car with us. He nurtured that thing like a child. We lived in Tennessee so every winter he dug it up, potted it and gave it a new home in our den. Every spring he drug it outside and re-planted it, usually – much to my chagrin – demanding my assistance. He became the go-to person in our neighborhood for people who wanted their own banana trees.

I asked the yard sellers how much they wanted for their tree, thinking what a nice way that would be to honor my dad. When they said that $20, I was really close to telling them how my dad gave away dozens of banana offshoots for free over the years but I held my tongue and handed over the money. 

Once I paid for it, I discovered that neither the banana tree nor the cart would fit into my car. Not wanting to give up on either and not being offered any help from the sellers, I devised a solution: load the banana tree onto the top of the cart and push it to my house on foot. I had to go down a particularly busy street and it was pretty hot and the load was heavy but I endured, strengthened by the thought that my dad would have had such a nice laugh about that sight.

*This post was originally posted in August 2011 on my previous blog.*


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